Monday, February 28, 2011

what little legs you have

I forgot my little survivor David Bowie WAS once so LITTLE and cute!
He is indeed still cute minus the little.
I used to carry him, but now he carries me.

I recently found these photos
They were taken in December, 2008.
(minus the one directly above and below)
I had Bowie now for two months,
and my first digital camera for a few months longer.
I had just moved into one of my favorite Provo apartments
with a roommate, to whom I hardly knew at the time

Natalie Abbott.
(Taken by Jessica Peterson at my weddddinnn day)
Soon to be Bestie.
All I knew is that she loved Radiohead,
and had a weimaraner.
So... I gave her the ok go.
It took us a few months to realize this potential,
but with our common love of dogs,
and a diet consisting of avocados,
peanut butter and honey sandwiches,
most importantly the outdoors and music,
It was indeed inevitable!
In the end I believe Bowie bonded us,
and made us realize we were the same person
Minus the 2 feet difference in height

Looking at these pictures gives me the exact feeling of how I felt...
in that room during that time in my life,
and the music I was probably listening to.
I love you Natalie, and Bowie
who lived with me during the Fiasco Bachelorette days


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