Sunday, April 24, 2011


A few documented events these past couple months I have photographed. My visit with the Alpacas I pass every day to school, Our trip to Vegas/San Diego for Devon and Joe's trialthalon, a visit from a Lab/Pyrenees puppy I want to steal, and a visit from our good friends Ashley and Bucky and there newbie Brody. Excuse the funky coloring of the photos, after staring at the computer more than 5 minutes everything seems a blur and they seem to look different every time i look at them. I am too lazy to go back and tweek it more! I cant wait to use my film instead, and it is what it is!


  1. Tessa you are an awesome photographer!! I had no idea you were so good! I love the lamas! I drive by them too and think they are so cute! There is a baby one that I am in love with.

  2. Hey thanks Rachel! I used to shoot a lot but then stopped a bit. I am happy to have started to pull my camera out again. and I LOVE the lamas! you gotta go over there with me and bring Ruby! they are so cute and friendly!