Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where is Bowie?

oh there he is.

Excuse the terrible photo quality, and our homeless looking bedroom (we are moving soon, so why try right? It is my only excuse...) but its the only evidence I have captured thus far of Bowie's new 'hiding under the covers' thing. It is just THE BEST. For the past week or so he has been climbing under the blankets when we are in bed. SO CUTE, and SO RIDICULOUS. One of the many funny quarks we love about this boy. I am sure Adam is happy about all the dog hairs that are not only on top of our covers, but now under and INSIDE the covers! haha but it is just so cute! right!? Most of these quarks have started from his fear of the Dryer. Especially when the buzzer goes off. For some reason the sound just Faareakkkks him out, and he will go into our bedroom, or bathroom and literally push the door shut with his nose... and proceed to wallow in our laps and lately under our covers. He is the biggest weeny ever. The dryer? Really? LOVE HIM.

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