Saturday, June 18, 2011


It has been one year. Adam and I have been married for one year!
HOLY COW I LOVE YOU. We have had some fun.
Time to get cheesy guys, you can skip and just look at the pictures.
I love Adam for many o reasons...In no particular order

He is the funniest man alive, and he never fails to keep me smiling (awwwwww!)

He puts up with my wants of a nomadic and free-bird carefree lifestyle, Though this portrays to some irresponsibility, at least he loves that I'm a dreamer.

I love that we both love the outdoors, and appreciates non-materialistic things. Besides his beloved new I-pad, and always hoping for new expensive camping/climbing gear and road bikes. I can't lie, I love it too.

Though it took a while, He Loves my dog Bowie.. now OUR dog Bowie which means Everything to me! We were a package deal, and he took it! I love that he puts up with the fact that I love Bowie way too much, and the fact that I look up dogs for adoption every day, begging for another dog. Luring him with cute sad puppy eye photos. I've almost got him convinced!

He is the first to do someone a favor, and loves to work. ALWAYS WORK. ALL DAY! The best work ethic I've ever seen. Even a little over the top if I might say! But I'll take it!

I love that even though he always has to be doing something "Productive", he still lets me do the complete opposite... even though we might bicker about it from time to time, in the end I know he loves me for it :) For me, play comes first- then work. Some say opposites attract! (Like the fact that he loves hunting, and I completely despise it)

OH and duh... He is SUPER HOTT of course! and wayyy BUFF!

I love that he loves the Career path that he chose, and is totally confident and Content with it! I've never met someone so motivated, because we all know I am the opposite! I'll get there! Cardinal Crest ladies and gentlemen, will be building some amazing homes. Watch out.

He likes to take me shopping. I don't even really like shopping. It is pretty dang cute.

He wants to climb with me! Thank goodness! Plus he climbs to the tops of mountains, you know.. Like BIG ones. Thats pretty hott. I love my mountain man.

He wants the same things that I want in the future, Most the time! and the list of those things could go on and on. We are different and the same in so many ways. He is a dream come true, including the good and the bad that comes with it.I am one lucky lucky gal.

When we were first dating

Posing in front of the draper temple, where we first met a couple years back, on a double date. Did I mention my date was his best friend? haaaaaa!

Little did I know he planned to propose that night

engagement shots!

Our first trip together, where he learned of my favorite tradition, The Sasquatch Music Festival. It was a must, and always is!

We decided to fool the crowd at the festival, and re-d0 a fake proposal in the middle of the crowd after a concert. The looks on their faces filled with belief makes me feel a bit guilty.

Our wedding day was freakin fun.

We were lucky to be a part of Jonathan Canlas's
Film is not Dead workshop.

Adam and I looking way hott at our way Hott honeymoon's paradise, camping in Santa Cruz, California.
The barbed wire fence topped off the Romance. We froze.

The best fishing/camping trip up the Uinta Mountains in Utah with our boy Bowie. So good.

Yellow Stone National park

Old hags for Halloween

First trip to Vegas baby, it was gross, but fun?

San Diego, California

Adam and I moved out of our first apartment a couple months ago, and found the top of our wedding cake in the freezer, The tradition is to eat in on you're first anniversary? We still had a two months to go, and it was definitely not edible.. So, we documented it before we threw it away.

On our way to California/ Kansas city Missouri for the summer.
Yee freakin Haw! We will keep you posted with our many adventures to come.
Lets just say Kansas City has pleasantly surprised us thus far. Mostly!

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