Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The morning of our anniversary, we chose to go all out... yes, at Waffle House. 17.95 buckaroos for what tasted like a huge eggo, which hey happens to be one of my FAVORITE foods, but I would rather buy a huge box of eggos from costco and down them in bed. It was still fun, ready in about two minutes, surrounded by gems of all gems of people, and the bacon was thinner than paper. Yee freakin haw! As I was taking the pictures of my plate Betty our server walked over with a concerned face and asked "Now uh...where abouts are you from?" Duh, this is a huge tourist sight! We had to experience it just once being in Missouri. experience: Bueno, Food: No Bueno.

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  1. ahh you went! i love it. love these pictures too. you guys are cute